The following is a list of special programs, events, and celebrations that are observed at CSI Church of Dallas:

Christmas Caroling

During the Advent Season, church members go Christmas caroling to the homes of every church member culminating with a Christmas Carol Service and Program held on a Saturday before Christmas Day where the children and youth present Christmas Drama & Songs and adults participate in the singing of the Christmas Cantata.

Christmas Day
A traditional Christmas Worship Service followed by fellowship lunch.
New Year’s Eve
Year ending Worship Service celebrated on New Year’s Eve.
Lenten Season
The church observes lent with prayer, fasting, and scriptural meditation.
Good Friday
A traditional Good Friday Service reflecting on Christ’s Passion followed by a very simple fellowship lunch.
Easter Sunday
A traditional Easter Worship Service celebrating Christ’s Resurrection followed by a fellowship lunch.
Various times during the year on Saturdays, we have a one-day Men’s, Women’s and Couple’s Seminar lead by invited guest speakers.
Annual Church Picnic
A Saturday of fun, fellowship, games and picnicking when we go to a lakeside and enjoy ourselves as a church family.
First Fruits Festival
On a Saturday evening in July or August, we bring our “first fruits offering” and place it for auction and the members have fun bidding for them, sharing their goodies, and raising money for the church.
World Communion Sunday
We observe this with a joint Worship Service with our host church.
Talent Night for Youth & Children
A Saturday evening of songs, drama, and music.
Annual Church Retreat
This is a capstone family event of our church when we leave with our families to a camp and retreat center away from the Dallas metro area on Friday evening spending two nights away from home and returning back on Sunday afternoon. We study from the Bible and reflect on God’s word during this retreat to help us with our spiritual growth and Christian life with the help of invited guest speaker(s).
Thanksgiving Day
Worship Service to give thanks and express gratitude to God followed by a traditional Thanksgiving meal with the church family.