CSI Church of Dallas is a Bible Centered, Evangelical Christian Church affiliated to the Church of South India (CSI).  Besides the contemporary praise and worship and the faithful preaching of the Word of God, you can come HOME to a Christian body of believers who will support you in your walk with Christ!

Here you not only participate in worship services but you also have opportunities to be involved locally,  in evangelism and social service outreach and mission outreach to other countries and particularly India through prayer and financial support.

CSI Church of Dallas is an active church that is constantly growing. Here you can learn God’s love, wisdom, goodness and God’s plan for your lives.  It is a spiritual home that you can call ‘HOME’ and feel at home! Come, Grow With Us !

All Services are in ENGLISH

Who We Are…

We have a desire to know God intimately through his son Jesus Christ and to make Jesus known to others. There’s no greater calling and there is no better way to bless others than by sharing God’s love and grace in real and practical ways.

Life takes us down many roads, so we do not know where you specifically are in your life’s journey. But at CSI Church of Dallas you’ll find an accepting and nurturing church family that wants to walk alongside you in that journey.

Our worship services, Sunday school classes, and programs are all conducted in English. We incorporate both the traditional style of worship as well as contemporary music and praise. We celebrate Holy Communion on alternate Sundays. Because this is the Lord’s table, it is open to any person, regardless of denominational background, who has accepted Jesus Christ as his or her personal Savior and Lord and is baptized.

What We Do… 

We worship Our Lord and Savior and live out the Christian life in our daily life. We strive to be the witnesses that we are called to be for our God daily. We support multiple ministries around the world and specially in India.

Kids R God’s 

We believe Kids are gifts from God and belong to God. We provide a loving and caring atmosphere for the kids from all ages to grow and know Our Lord and Savior. They have regular Sunday School and  Children’s Sermon during worship every Sunday. During Saturday prayer meeting kids are encouraged to share memory verses. Kids participate in Sunday services by way of special songs from Children Choir. God has blessed our children abundantly.

Youth / Young Adults

Our Youth lead the Act of Praise, the contemporary segment in our worship service. They have regular Sunday School and activities. They participate in Youth Camps jointly organized by Youths of other congregations. The Youth band sings special songs during church service.

Young Couples

Our Young Couples meet regularly. They get together on alternate weeks on Friday for bible study and fellowship. They attend regular Sunday School. We have an annual Men’s Seminar, Women’s seminar and a couple’s seminar.


Adults are the mentors in our church with the help of our pastors. They have regular Sunday School.


We warmly welcome everyone to come worship our Lord Jesus Christ with us; either as guests if you are visiting the Dallas-Fort Worth area or to join us as members if you live in the DFW metroplex. The Church of South India (CSI) is part of the Communion of Churches in India (CCI) and therefore is in full communion with the Church of North India (CNI). All are welcome! You are welcome!